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In the Field
- Hiring the right people the right way.
- The Golden Good-bye.
- The Effective Executive Leader.
- Devotion in Motion: Tough love leadership.
- Giant Killers.
- POOF: The real magic behind successful customer service.
- Touching Hearts With Hope.
- Customized coaching for success.

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"Faced with tremendous growth these past eighteen months we wanted to make sure we were doing everything we could to continue to provide high quality solutions to our clients. Dr. Willbur has been a great resource to us in executive coaching and preparing us to select the right people the right way to do the right things. We always say the right talent is our real competitive edge, and the tools he has helped us develop and use are making this a reality for our fast growing company.

- David Allen, Managing Director, Rapidigm Solutions Services. One of the largest privately held IT companies in the world.

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